Self Drive Policies.

Self Drive & Camping

The Parties: 

  • In-Africa Stay (hereafter referred to as the

“’ Owner”), and

  • The individual renting a vehicle with In-Africa Stay

(the “Hirer”). 


  1. The hired vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel (petrol/diesel) and shall be returned to the Owner with a full tank. 
  2. The Hirer is required to fill up on petrol or diesel only at the larger gas stations (TOTAL, Lake Oil, Manjis, Puma, BP, PANONE, OILCOM). In some of the smaller gas stations, petrol can be mixed with other liquids or additives which can damage the engine. 
  3. The Hirer shall have a valid driver’s license (of the country of residence and/or an International Driver’s License). It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he/she carries the driver’s license with him/her whilst driving. 
  4. The vehicle is to be operated only by the Hirer and authorized travel companions. Any liability arising from the use of the rented vehicle by an unauthorized driver shall be met by the Hirer. 
  5. Any losses or serious damages to the camping gear shall be charged to the Hirer at replacement value as stated in the camp gear checklist. 
  6. Any fines from the traffic police shall be paid by the Hirer. 
  7. We strongly recommend NOT driving at night (after 6.30 PM and before 6.00 AM). 
  8. The Hirer shall return the motor vehicle on the agreed date, before 6 PM, unless the Owner is informed and agrees otherwise. 
  9. No refunds shall be given for early returns. 
  10. Border crossing requests are dealt with in a case-by-case situation and the planned route needs to be discussed in detail as certain areas are off-limit. The Hirer is not allowed to cross any national borders without written permission from the Owner and additional insurance coverage through the issuance of a valid COMESA yellow card. 


  1. All our vehicles are checked and serviced before being rented out, and you will receive the car in proper working condition. The Hirer shall return the vehicle in the same condition as it was provided at the start of the rental. The Hirer has a duty to care for the hired vehicle. Most important matters pertaining to the good maintenance of the vehicle include checking engine oil and other lubricants, coolant water, and tire pressure. It is advisable to do this at every fuel top-up at the center. These costs shall be covered by the Hirer. Failure to maintain appropriate fluid levels may result in engine damage and will constitute a breach of your obligations under this car rental agreement. 
  2. If any dashboard warning lights illuminate, the Hirer should consult the car symbol checklist and, in case of doubt, contact our representatives 


  1. In case of a mechanical breakdown due to normal wear and tear, in which the car cannot be repaired within 24 hours, a replacement car will be provided and delivered as soon as possible. Kindly note that replacement cars will have to come from Arusha and that might mean some hours of delay
  2. In case the car needs to be repaired whilst being on a trip, the Hirer ensures that: 
    1. The company is contacted for authorization, prior to any major repairs to the vehicle; 
    1. A receipt is issued and given to the company upon return of the car;
    1. When bringing the vehicle to any garage, valuables should not be left in the vehicle (even the car tool kit) as it is not uncommon for items to be stolen at the garage. Hirers are required to replace items lost or stolen from a vehicle (including spare tires, jacks, and other tools which come with the rented vehicle). 


  1. All our vehicles come with third-party insurance with the possibility to upgrade to comprehensive at extra costs. 
  2. The cover for comprehensive insurance is against damage because of an accident or fire, and third-party liability to property and bodily injury due to a car accident. Excess claims beyond the maximum insured shall be the responsibility of the Hirer. 
  3. Personal injury and possessions are not covered and fall under your medical and travel insurance. 
  4. Damage cover of our vehicles and third-party property is available subject to the terms of our Car Rental Agreement. This means that we indemnify Hirers against loss and damage that Hirers sustain as a result of an incident whilst a permitted driver is driving the rented vehicle. However, we will only do this if you have complied with the terms of our Car Rental Agreement and you have paid the security bond and applicable rental amount. 
  5. An excess fee applies to a maximum of USD 1000, also known as the “deductible”, which is not covered by the insurance policy. 
  6. In case of an accident, the Hirer shall immediately notify the company, take pictures of the damaged vehicle(s), and process and clear a police report. 
  7. In case of an incident involving another vehicle(s), details of these vehicle(s) and their driver(s) should be identified and reported, such as the driver’s ID and telephone number, number plate, and insurance registration number. 
  8. After an accident, the Hirer should not leave the vehicle unattended as it is not uncommon for unattended vehicles to be vandalized. 
  9. In the event the vehicle can no longer continue with the journey, the hirer must pay for towing-related fees of bringing back the vehicle to the company’s office 
  10. Major road accidents related to self-drive are due to overspeeding Speed limit inside the national parks is 50KPH, and tar roads are 80KPH, unless when there is a sign pointing otherwise. All our vehicles are equipped with speed tracking devices, once the hirer goes beyond the overspeeding limit the vehicle automatically shut itself off to bring the vehicle back to running mode the hirer needs to call the operations for re-instating the vehicle. Kindly note that the operation may sometimes take hours to be assisted so it’s very important to observe your speeds… These data are accessed by both the company and insurance issuing company of our vehicles 


While we do our best to provide our clients with the best 4×4 safari vehicles, we strongly advise the clients to choose carefully where they take the cars when road conditions are not good especially when the roads are wet. In case a client gets stuck on the road due to any non-mechanical fault-related reasons and needs help from us or our partners we are happy to send a recovery truck, but we will invoice for such service. Please bear in mind that it might sometimes take even 12hrs to reach you


Our operational support offices are working until 7 pm from Mondays to Saturday, after that we have a limited number of assistance personnel and might mean a delay to respond to your calls when needed. We strongly advise that you ensure you reach your destination before 7 pm. Sundays and public holidays our physical office is closed but the operational team is available until

6 pm


Please note that any overstays in the park beyond the entrance permit requirements might result in penalties and extra fees. We shall not be held responsible for any overstay fees, penalties, or costs associated with


Driving our rented cars after 7 pm is strongly prohibited, by the company, insurance, national park authority as well as the government of the United Republic of Tanzania


While we try our best to give the best accurate and current information, we may know; we will not be held liable or responsible for whatever information provided by any of our team or GPS devices that are installed in our cars.  We strongly recommend that from time to time while on the road please get yourself updated about the condition of the road, road changes, diversions, restrictions, or any related information that may rise. 

This also includes GPS failure or any information that is provided by the GPS devices. 


  • All vehicles come with primary third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance is available at extra cost which extends cover to vehicle accidents, fire, or theft.  
  • Insurance does not cover accessories such as a fridge, tent, HF& stereo, cutleries, or anything that is not part of the vehicle.
  • Accidents related to wild animals are not covered by insurance. Please be warned that if you get involved in an accident let’s say you hit a wild animal with your rental car penalties are sometimes heavy and vary from one animal to the other


  • All accidents must be reported to the local police within 24 hours.
  • Where collision damages render a vehicle unusable, a replacement vehicle can be supplied by the company if available, but all costs are at the expense of the Hirer. •             The hirer is responsible for the return of the damaged vehicle to the closest office. No refund will be given for lost days due to collision damages. This is limited to a maximum of 21 days from the date of the incident.
  • Should the Hirer continue with a new replacement vehicle then a new rental contract and insurance conditions will apply.


  • Gross or criminal negligence.
  • Unauthorized drivers.
  • Failing to obtain authorization to extend the rental.
  • Over-speeding 
  • Not reporting an accident or loss to the Police immediately.
  • Not reporting an accident or loss to Car Rental immediately.
  • Not adhering to traffic, road, and driving rules and regulations.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.
  • Unsuitable or reckless driving.
  • Road conditions are not suitable for the type of vehicle used.
  • Unauthorized cross-border rentals.
  • Not being able to produce keys in case of theft.
  • Not reporting exact details of the last known location of the vehicle prior to the theft.


  • Oil Leak: Oil leak on Tar roads attracts high penalties in Tanzania sometimes up to

2000USD. Make sure that once you have noticed there is an oil leak either transmission, Engine, or Petrol/Diesel you park the vehicle off the tar road and ensure none of the oil is dropping on the Tarmac. We are not responsible for fines related to oil leaks on tar roads

  • Speed: There are plenty of speed radars in Tanzania at every 10/30/50/80 Limits always observe the road signs
  • Accidents involving wild animals; when you hit a wild animal with a vehicle the wildlife authorities calculate the value of the animal and invoice you. Sometimes they might take you to the court for prosecution, if you take insurance you may be covered but the procedure to claim must be settled by the court and you might be required to be present. We highly recommend you take extra caution whilst on the road as the consequences may be time and resources consuming
  • Bribes; It is totally restricted to bribe anyone while driving our vehicles
  • Receipts issuance: For all purchases, you make above 100,000TZS make sure you obtain a fiscal receipt as you may be penalized for not possessing one after local purchases. 
  • Camping at the Wrong campsite; kindly observes all the instructions written on your park entrance permit and be at the designated camp as mentioned on your permit. Camping at an undesignated campsite may attract penalties or expulsion from the national park 
  • Permit validity: always make sure when you are inside the park you possess a valid national park permit and always ensure you leave the park you exit your permit at the park gates.
  • Accessing unauthorized roads; Ensure that all time you observe the signs or marks that restricts you from entering unauthorized zones
  • Photos taking; Military, government offices, and organizations may be subjected to no photo-taking 
  • Drones: Ask us for procedures for getting a permit to fly a drone prior to bringing one to Tanzania
  • Lastly: Always ensure that you follow all the laws and procedures as instructed  N. DAMAGES

1. In-Africa Stay and its partners cannot be held liable for damages to the car as these are not the result of the mechanical condition of the car. The Hirer acknowledges that they are responsible for all repair and recovery costs in case of the following damage:

Tires: All our cars are rented out with good quality tires but having a flat tire can happen during the road trip and repair is at the expense of the Hirer. Consult the car explanation checklist for instructions. In the event that any of the tires are damaged beyond repair, the Hirer must replace it with a tire of the same dimension, type and wear characteristics and the cost is for the account of the Hirer. Always call us for advice on which type of tires are suitable. 

Underbody coverage: damage to the underbody of the vehicle is considered a result of careless driving. Windows.


  • The Hirer will be fully liable for any damage to the vehicle and/or (third) property, if: Driving in excess of speed limits.
  • Damage to the vehicle is caused by careless, willful, or reckless driving.
  • Damage to the vehicle is caused by a lack of proper care/maintenance of the vehicle. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Driving on restricted roads/areas.
  • Water submersion or salt water damage is caused. Any other terms of this rental contract are breached. 
  • Driving while on your telephone/gadget
  • Off Road Driving


 A security bond of USD 1000 is required which should be paid together with the rental amount either in cash upon collection of the car, or by credit card. Upon return of the car, the vehicle will be inspected by our staff. When the vehicle and camping equipment are in acceptable condition, the bond will be returned. In case of strong doubts which cannot be verified on-site, the vehicle is brought to our workshop, and the bond, if any, partially or in full, will be transferred to a bank account nominated by the Hirer. Any bank fees associated with this are borne by the Hirer. Please note bond refunds can take up to 10 working days to process. 


In event that you are required to leave the vehicle behind, at the Police station or you decide to leave after an accident or an emergency authorization must be made by the company. 

When leaving the vehicle at the Police station make sure you take all accessories and register everything that is left with the vehicle from the Snorkel, Battery, number of tires, and anything that can easily be removed, and get authority from the company for leaving them behind.


If for reasons beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, the company reserve the right to substitute the vehicle with another vehicle that it feels suitable. This shall not constitute a breach of contract or entitle the hirer to a refund.


  • Drive on the left side.
  • Lock the canopy doors at all times to avoid people to steal from car
  • Don’t use instruments in the car you are not familiar with, 
  • The wrong usage of the 4×4 system will cause serious damage. Allow yourself plenty of time to be familiar with the manual and 4WD system
  • Follow the route agreed with the company and not otherwise
  • The car windows should be closed when on the gravel road, Dust destroys electronics.
  • Reduced excess to ZERO EXCESS can NOT be compared with the European “Full Casco”, “All Risk” or “Auto Casco” insurance, where all damages are covered independent of the cause or the guilt. This kind of insurance policy is simply not known in Tanzania/Kenya 
  • Speed Limit: Gravel Road 50km/h; Tar road 80 km/h. Please be informed that all our vehicles are equipped with Satellite Tracking System. If you exceed this speed limit all insurances and reduced excesses become invalid 


  • No financial refund on hours lost due to technical failure of vehicle or accessories during the rental period
  • While we ensure that we deliver our vehicles in the best possible condition we, however, do not offer any warranty on any accessories especially electrical ones like fridges, GPS, outdoor lights, or condition of the vehicle with regards to technical failure while out of our hands. However, we strongly advise that you take enough time to crosscheck that you collected the vehicle with working equipment and accessories


  • 30% deposit on confirmation.
  • Full Payment is to be received at least 30 days prior to the arrival of the clients
  • All extras must be settled at least 14 days prior to the arrival of the clients
  • Bookings with no full payments 14 days prior to arrival will automatically be released from the system


  • Between 45 days to 30 days prior to the arrival date: a 50% cancellation fee will apply
  • Between 29 days to 15 days prior to arrival: a 75% cancellation fee will apply
  • Less than 14 days prior to arrival: 100% cancellation fee will apply
  • For the changing dates, there’s no charge, this will depend on the availability of new dates


  • On Road and Off Road Instruction 
  • 2H – Normal driving on TAR, Salt, and Normal gravel Road and Hard surface roads 
  • 4H – Dirty Gravel Roads, slippery Roads, Off-road 
  • 4L – Thick Sand, Heavy Mud, Heavy Off-road, 
  • 4L + diff-lock – When stacked in the sand or mud and wheels are spinning, when Wheels are spinning on the rocky climb 
  • 2H – 4H
    • Stop the Car and shift the gear leaver to N (Neutral)
    • Shift the small lever on the right side from 2H to 4H. The green light indicating 4-wheel drive engaged should be visible on the dashboard
    • If there is no light try to drive a couple of meters

•     To disengage the 4×4 do as follows: 

  1.  Stop the Car and shift the gear leaver to N Neutral
  2. Shift the small lever on the right side from 4H to 2H and make sure the green light on the dashboard goes off. If didn’t go off drive a couple of meters reverse
  3. 4H – 4L 
    1.  Stop the Car and shift the gear leaver to N (Neutral)
    1. Shift the small lever on the right side from 4H to 4L. The green light indicating 4 wheel drives should still be on 


Mon-Friday: 08,30am till 05,30pm 

Sat: 08,30am – 02,00pm

Sun/Public Holidays: CLOSED

Emergency numbers

+255 768 331 896 – Kundandumi Kanuya, Operation Manager  

+255 710023802 – Mechanic 


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