Our Story

In-Africa Stay was established in a sense of the new people in the new environment struggles and wishes. The main objective of the company is to provide unlimited support to visitors in the new environment to accomplish their wishes.

Being derived mainly from the African-Americans who are struggling to relocate back to Africa and the associated challenges as they are unfamiliar with the living environment in Africa, we decided to come up with services of accommodations around Tanzania to guests. An accommodating time is ample time to understand guest’s wishes.

The Company is dedicating a lot of resources to ensure that staying in Africa, the environment is comfortable and supportive, the company is dedicating 15% of its profit to raise awareness and running cleanness programs in schools and in the street to keep the environment free from trashes through its nonprofit program “Nipe Bin Program”.

Nipe Bin program is a volunteering program aiming to keep the environment free from trashes. Trashes in the environment tend to block trees’ roots from penetrating the soil, make an ugly environment but also blocks sewage systems which results into flooding.

Our mission

To attract and provide eco-friendly mentorship to people in exploring and relocating back to Africa.

In-Africa Stay Ltd, Executive Stuffs 2021

Emmanuel Kaaya


Kundandumi Kanuya

Operation Manager

Elifasi Kaaya

Zanzibar Operator