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Our Story

In-Africa Stay, established in a sense of the traveler’s wishes and struggles in new environment. The main objective of the company is to provide unlimited support to visitors in the new environment to accomplish their wishes. Over past two years, 200+ hosts accomplished in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar Island. The in-Africa Stay is renowned in its specialty in accommodation giving travelers a sense self-paced adventure. In-Africa Stay offers accommodation from homestays, apartments to hotels plus Safaris , Trekking , Beach Holiday Packages and car rentals. Our services constrained to:

  • Affordability
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • And comfort
  • Being environmental conscious Company, we dedicate 5% of our profit into environmental related services to different schools around Tanzania such as buying dustbins.

    Coffee Tour at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, The Roof of Africa

    Our Vision

    To be a sustainable and reputable eco-friendly mentor to people in exploring Africa

    Our Mission

    To give a new flavor and provide eco-friendly mentorship to people in exploring Africa.

    Our Team

    In-Africa Stay Ltd, Executive Staffs 2022.

    Emmanuel David

    Managing Director
    Engineer by profession and eco-friendly traveling enthusiast, service quality oriented (english & little French)

    Tumbi Kanuya

    Operation Manager
    Over 15yrs as Camp manager in Serengeti Hospitality Expert (English)

    Elifasi Kaaya

    Zanzibar In charge
    Over 10 years in beach holidays services (English)

    Magreth Moses

    Director of Property Management
    Young, talented, energetic and proffessional in property management. Leading a team of property managers

    Abel Abel

    Senior Guide
    Over 20yrs with 1000+ trips as a driver Guide (English)

    Innocent Moses

    Mountain Guide
    Over 12+yrs with 150+ climbs (English & Germany)

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